Monday, March 22, 2010

It's spring time!

To celebrate the new season we busted out the family grill.  We have lots of dinners served from this grill. 

I personally enjoy grill time because that is less kitchen time for me.  My husband find a way to cook everything on the grill when the weather is nice.

We had lots to celebrate this weekend.  The adoption papers finally came through.  My husband is officially the father to our two little boys.  Now we have to go through all of the work to have their birth certificates changed.  That is going to take a bit of work.  The whole legal process is almost over.  However, now comes the fun part of seeing things come to an end.  This is going to be a great year.  Now we can all look forward to the future as a family.  I can't wait!  Cooking on the grill is just part of the memories that we will have together. 

Spring.....light, hope, life!


mel @ the larson lingo said...

love the new grill! And, did you make beer can chicken? I have always wanted to make that! Congrats on your husband adopting your boys, that is very exciting!

TNMamaw said...

Congrats on the adoption!!!

Is that beer can chicken? We do that all the time here too...we also toss on a couple of racks of ribs too. We do and get the most out of the fuel when the grill is on. :)

I just told my husband over the weekend, it is time for a new grill. The bottom is dropping out of ours now.

Yanick said...

The grill looks good and i'm hungry looking at that chicken. Congrats on the adoption!

Vivobello said...

Congrats on the adoption!!! How exciting! And that grill isn't half bad either!