My Kids Say the Darnest Things

I am going to continue to add to this page!
Cameron: Do pretty girls fart?
Me: Yes, I fart.
Cameron: You're pretty mom but not that pretty!

Brianna just told me that when boys having babies the babies come out of their booty's.

So Cameron asked me if I like Monistat. I asked him why and he told me that 90 some % of woman love it.

Cameron told me tonight that he wants to buy me a hair cap for my bday this year. When I asked him why he said he is tired of eating his food with my hair in it.

So Grandma gave Cameron $5 for losing his tooth the other day.
Cameron: Mom, will you take me to the store tonight?
Me: Ummm, NO
Grandma: You're going to have to do your shopping online tonight!
(We are in the middle of having a world record blizzard)

Cameron:  If you throw the dog a snack then make sure she will like it so you don't have to go pick it up.

So I was taking Brianna's tempeture this morning because she is not feeling well and Cameron yells out:
"She doesn't have a fever, maybe a Bieber fever but she's not sick."

The weather man said it was supposed to snow yesterday and she woke up and ran to her window to look outside and there was no snow. So she curled back up into bed and started to cry. I asked her why and she said she was mad at God for not letting it snow.

My son and daughter were jumping on the trampoline and they said they were singing songs to God to make him happy so it would stop raining. They wanted Him to stop crying.

We were all in the bathroom getting ready and brushing our teeth when my daughter grabbed a tampon and showed it to her brother and said when I get older I have to wear these.

Last night we tell the kids they need to take a shower...
Chandler: I want to take a bath I had a hard day.
Dad: You are 11 years old how can you have a hard day? I was you age once.
Chandler: When you were my age did you have to deal with a bunch of Mexicans?

Cameron was looking at the picture I posted earlier of girls in bikini's and said:
Are those your friends?
Me: Yes
Cameron: Are they all still alive?
Me: I'm not that old Cam

Me: (talking to Bri) Did anyone say you looked pretty today? (she dressed up)
Bri: Yes
Cameron: Who? Daddy is going to kill 'em!

Chandler: I want to learn who my ancestors are.
Me: Honey, you will never know because I have no idea where I came from.
Brianna: Well, I'm Mexican!