Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pour Your Heart Out...Success

How do you measure success? I found this article on 7 stupid ways to define success.

Here are 7 ways to define success that are guaranteed to make you feel like crap:

1 Your bank balance.
2 How fancy your car is.
3 How fancy your house is.
4 How fancy your clothes are.
5 The shape of your body.
6 How other people see you.
7 How popular you are.

I find it extremely silly on how people find success just this way. My sister and my father think that I am a nothing and that I have not made it in life. But I have a beautiful family, a roof over my head and my husband has a job where I stay home to care for the kids and take them to all of their activities. We aren't rich by any means but we make do.

Yes, they might have nice cars and good jobs and where nice expensive clothes. But are they really happy? I don't have to come home and have a drink every day either. But that is another subject. But sometimes it is hard to not feel down when your own family isn't proud or happy of your successes.