Friday, September 17, 2010

Picking up the kids from school

Every day I go to pick up the kids from school about 30 minutes early and read my book.  It feels like my private quiet time.  Then once the little two get to the car we have to wait for the oldest to get off the bus.  So the whole process takes 30 minutes not including my reading time.  This is usually where the fighting begins.  I listen to who gets to play the Wii first and who gets to play second.  Or who gets to get on the computer.  Sometimes I get to listen to who has the best silly bands.  (which by the way I hate those stupid things)  But I did take a few photos while waiting. 

She has her mommies freckles!

He is racing to the car so we can beat the bus and not have to follow it.

This girl loves her shoes!