Thursday, September 16, 2010

Garrity Rule

Have you ever heard of it?  I just learned of it.  The Garrity Rule prohibits the officer’s
statement(s) from being used against him or her in a subsequent criminal prosecution.  Now I find this rule to be completely outrageous.  Where are the laws that protect us the normal working class. 
So if there is an investigation by internal affairs that an officer allowed someone he is sleeping with to wear his uniform and use his service pistol to intimidate someone and he turns himself in because he knows that he is caught and did wrong that nothing can be held against him and the victim doesn't get to know anything about why he turned himself in or what he said. 
So the victim is the victim again.  All because the law protects its officers and not the victims!!!!  There was a complete dumbass out there who came up with this one. 
For more information about it click here.
The laws should be the same for everyone.  No one should get special treatment. 
Point blank if you are guilty you should be punished and there should be no loop holes!!!!

These are some of the photos taken minus the intimidating words used that went along with the photos. 

Oh, and apparently if you are sleeping with a police officer from the IMPD you are allowed to use his personal laptop to find information on your enemies.