Monday, August 23, 2010

Here Coochy, Coochy!

I know it seems like an odd post to write about but I just couldn't help myself.  I just had to let anyone who reads this to know how I feel. 

Recently, I purchased some Coochy Shaving Creme from my girlfriend who sells Pure Romance.  She has a large stock of products that have the old packaging she wanted to get rid off so she can order the new product label.  So I thought this was my chance to give it a try. 

I am not one who enjoys getting new "toys" for the bedroom so I was checking out all of the things that weren't for that.  So my friend, Danielle, mentioned the Coochy Shaving Creme.  So I ordered it and not only is the smell awesome it really does feel nice.  I got the scent of grapefruit.  And it makes my razor just slide across my body with ease.  Then I also tried it to rinse out my daughters hair as a detangler and she told me that she loved the way it smelled but it also did work great as a detangler. 

I am a believer of the scent of pheromones and they have several skin treatments and body sprays containing them.  Oh, and the spray that you spray on your sheets make your bed feel like a bed of satin.  That is also a must try. 

So you really should head on over to her website and give her a try to spice up your relationship.  I am positive you will find something that you will like.  And if you have any questions about ANY of the products then give her a shout out.  She can also give some great suggestions on things that might interest you.