Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mommy's Fancy Hair

We had a great day in the bedroom.  All the kids were sitting on the bed while Daddy and I were hanging out with them.  Daddy and Chandler were laying down and Cameron was on the computer.  So Brianna decided to do Mommy's hair.  It looks so beautiful.  She was very happy with the end result.  The back of it looks just as great as the front of it.  Honestly, I could sit there for hours and let her do it.  It feels so good.  I am always worried when she does it though because it brings me back to a time when she was just a few years old and she was doing Mommy's hair and I didn't know that she had sissors in her hand and cut my hair!  When I was shocked to see my hair start falling in my lap!  So now I am always keeping my eye out for what she is working with. 

I just love family time!  We all deserve these happy times!


Chris said...

TImes like these are what make the wonderful family memories I will always cherish.

HoosierHorseGirl said...

That is awesome! I think Brianna has a future in hair. LOL!