Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This is too far

I know that my son is becoming over weight.  And last night I was talking to my husband about seeing if we can get him to join the gym but they don't want under age of 15 at the gym.  So I want to ask if he can come because he'd be there with us.  I don't think small gyms should put an age limit on these things because some kids need the exercise.  My son isn't into sports so he doesn't get the excercise that some get. 

But when I read that some schools want to weigh our kids to help with obesity that is just crazy.  The school should only be able to provide a healthy meal.  The school that my son goes to had to make cut backs and gym class is no longer in the program.  Now the teachers job is to have them do jumping jacks, etc for 10 minutes a day.  That is not a teachers job.  That is for gym class.