Friday, January 21, 2011


I was talking to my son this morning before school and he asked me what was the name of the school I went to as a child.  When I answered him he said, "You only went to one school?"  I told him that I went to 3 different high schools but I was raised in one place my entire life. 

It was at that moment I could see in his face that he thought that would be the neatest thing.  To grow up in one place, one house your whole life.  It just amazed him that I only went to one school. 

I want that so much.  To be able to stay in one place and to be able to have the kids know one place as home.  It just seems that today people are always moving and transfering jobs or losing their homes that they don't have a place to leave home when they go off to college and know they get to come HOME to the house they were raised in. 

I just don't want my childrens memories of home to be all over the place.