Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pour Your Heart Out...Truth

Here I am with my kids cutting down our tree.

How do you know when to trust someone? Especially when it could affect your children. When you hear about how someone wants to change and yet something happens and you just aren't sure you are supposed to start trusting again.

I am trying to believe that people can change. I mean hell I want to make changes in my own life. But someone has made your life pure hell and put you thru so much heartache how do you know if they are someone to believe in again? I do not want to put myself thru anything that I don't have to go thru. I can't put my family thru the turmoil again.

You know the heart and the gut don't always match up. I know that time makes all of the difference but sometimes time isn't fast enough.

God wants us to forgive one another as He did us. But forgetting is always so hard to do. Learning how to trust again isn't easy.