Thursday, November 11, 2010

Super Cook and Crazy Parents

Super Cook

A friend of mine mentioned this website on Facebook and I had to go check it out. You type in the ingredients that you have at home and then it gives you dinner ideas to fix depending on just the ingredients that you have. It is so cool. This way I don't have to keep making the same things for dinner or I don't have to get a recipe and run to the store to pick up everything that I need. I think this might help save some money when it comes to grocery shopping and preparing dinner.

Crazy Parents

I had a parent call me last night to tell me how her son paid mine son $5 for one of his Teck Decks and she wanted her $5 back. Well, I told her that my son gave it to a different boy for one of his Teck Decks. So she just went crazy on me and how upset she was that I wasn't going to give her the $5 back. If I had it then I would have given it back but I didn't have it. My son gave it to another boy.

I know she was mad at her son more then she was mad at me but sometimes people don't realize how rude they can be. She said that she was just going to take it up with the principal and hung up on me. What does she think the principal is going to give it to her?

Sometimes you get further in a situation by how you talk to someone.