Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pour Your Heart Out...Sharing too much?

I need to get back into blogging. I let it all out on Facebook but need to write it out more. I feel as if when I blog no one reads it. Then the people who do stop by don't comment. I know that I have followers and yet they don't take the time to stop by. But I know I should blog for me and not for a follower.

I've been told that I shouldn't post some of the things I do because they are private. But the way I feel about it is that we can't learn from things if we don't know about them or share them. I enjoy hearing advice on the things I post. Or when I read things that others write it is nice to know that I am not alone in what I am going thru. Therefore, I can talk to that person in how we are dealing with the situation.

Sometimes the only way to get help is to let it all out there. I know the internet shares too much about us already and some people shy away. Some people enjoy talking to a human instead of writing about their problems/joys. But the only way we can share what we are going thru is to let it out.

I don't read posts just to be nosey. I learn from reading all experiences. It just seems as if the only blogs that people stop to read are the ones that have giveaways or are linked up to something. Which is a great way to do it but we all aren't that lucky. I know that there are some people who write about a person or persons in an extreme hateful fashion and we don't have to read those unless you are trying to get advice from it. But if we don't like what we read we can always just click the little red X at the top right head corner of the screen. But it is nice to see that you stopped by even if you leave a :) on the comment page.
My honesty never killed anyone. It might sting sometimes but what honesty doesn't?