Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pour Your Heart Out

This morning my daughter asked me to come and eat lunch with her at school.  But she made it perfectly clear that she wanted me to bring her McDonalds.  So I kept debating all morning if I should go eat with her or not.  I didn't want to go because all she wanted was for me to bring her something to eat. 

I got to the school early and I waited by the cafe doors.  She was at the end of the hallway and once she saw me she came running.  And my heart was touched when I saw that smile on her face. 

We walked into the cafeteria and she had a hold of my hand and was telling everyone who looked that I was her mommy.  She said it so proud.  So when this happend I was so glad that I brought her some McDonalds.  This time it wasn't about the meal and toy it was about MOMMY!