Monday, April 5, 2010

Top Two Tuesday

Top 2 Favorite magazines
 I am not a huge magazine buyer.  I will look at them in the Dr.'s office but I normally don't buy them.  So if I had to buy them this is what I would choose.
1) A crafty magazine.  Something to share ideas on how to make things on my own. 
2) A magazine that isn't for teens but also not a get in shape magazine.  Something homie, lol!
As you can tell I don't know much about magazines.  I guess I have better things to spend my money on. 


Taylor @ The Undomestic Momma said...

I think I know what magazines your talking about ;) Thanks for linking up!!!!

Lindsey said...

I am totally with you on spending the money on magazines! i only buy the ones with reusable information (aka not celeb gossip - although i would love to have it all at my finger tips) if you are looking for a diy magazine - i would recommend martha stewart or real simple... both are really good - but i also find a lot of my ideas through blogs - good luck!

Mandy said...

I'm visiting from Taylors blog. I wiiish I could resist and not buy magazines :D I agree with you though, crafty magazines are so fun to look at..

Beth McC. said...

I love the crafty magazine but they are always so darn expensive!

Molly said...

I'm with you about not spending $ on magazines, I typically only buy them if we're traveling, which isn't that often. I'd rather get online and read them for free ;)

Laura@Cowboy Boots said...

or...sadly we drink coke products in this house and w/the coke pts i get free magazine subscriptions! i love free things