Friday, April 30, 2010

Mommy Dearest

This is how I feel most days.  I feel like Mommy Dearest.  I think that my kids wouldn't know what to do if I didn't yell at them on a daily basis.  I mean our pattern has already been set.  I have to yell every morning to get their shoes and socks on for school.  I have to yell at them every day when I pick them up from school because they are always fighting.  Yes, I will admit that sometimes the curse words come flying out.  The funny thing is that when they do then my kids know that I am really serious.  Can't they just understand that I am serious when I start to yell?  Why can't they just get it?  At times they do get out of control at a store and I have no problem yelling at them in public either.  I don't care if people stare.  They really need to mind their own business.  These are my kids and I will handle them as I see fit.  So half the time anymore I just don't take them anywhere at all and they are learned that they never go and they want to so they start to behave in public.  I would love a day of peace and quiet with no yelling.  But I don't think that day can happen as a parent.  Unless, of course, our children aren't home! 

Are your kids good?  Do you have to yell as much as I do?  I'd love to go a day with no headache!
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