Thursday, January 7, 2010

She is just so darn cute

"She will fill our lives with sunshine....
And our hearts with love."
My daughter just loves to go into the bathroom with no one is paying attention and play in mommy's make up.  She actually does a really good job too.  This time she wanted to be a spy and camo her face to hide.  I thought she looked more like a kitty cat but she swears she is a spy guy.  I tell you what this little girl is going to be a knock out when she gets older.  But don't cross her the wrong way because she knows how to defend herself having big brothers shes had to learn that.

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Anonymous said...

She can really give you, "THE LOOK", when you tell her, "no" she adds a few words with, "THE LOOK"..since being around her brothers more than before! LOL Dad and Mom