Monday, October 26, 2009

All 100% Taylor's


It's been a very, long, hard road but we did it. God saw to it to bring my boys back home to me. Chris is adopting them. The boys grew up knowing him as their Daddy and now they will continue to know him as Daddy. We are all very excited about this. I am proud of my husband for wanting to take on the responsibility of wanting to raise my boys as his own.
Chandler TaylorCameron TaylorBrianna E Taylor
The Boys The Girls

Adoption is like a scavenger hunt, you have to travel so far sometimes to find the little treasures God has left for us but it is worth it in the end!


Anonymous said...

Joy nad Chris,
I am soo happy for you both and the family ! I know the road was a very long dark one and at times it looked like there was no end in sight but with faith you both stood strong and never backed down. The Taylors are back together and will never be apart again the way it was Always meant to be ! God bless you both and your Beautiful Family ! And Joy, I told you 2009 was your YEAR ! Love to you all. Jana

Chris said...

I am so happy and proud that we made it through the dark times. The future is bright for the Taylor family and I can't wait to watch our family grow. The pictures look amazing, you are such a talented photographer and I am very proud of you.