Sunday, August 2, 2009

Our Camping Trip

The Little Bunch

The gang on our camping trip!

gotta love little girlsskipping rocks
Finding river rocks.
great catch
But found a turtle.
the turtlepucker up
Showing the turtle some love.
kissing turtle
Will this turn into a prince?
Trying to pop some popcorn over the fire.
first canoe ride
Then we went on our first canoe ride.
They are wondering what they are waiting for.
swing time
Had to stop on the canoe ride for a little swing time.


Foursons said...

What a fun camping trip! It's too hot here to camp right now. We have to wait until the fall.

Alice said...

what a great camping trip! looks like so much fun, especially all the water! i love that 3rd shot - with the sun sparkling across the water - really nice!

i have my summer shots up if you want to come over and visit for awhile :O)